Last day to clinch the bonus shares of Mirmire Microfinance Development Bank; Book closure on Jestha 2; LTP at Rs 3216

Tue, May 15, 2018 11:34 AM on AGM/Special AGM, Book Closure, Dividend, Bonus & Rights, Latest, Stock Market,
Last day t...

Mirmire Microfinance Development Bank Limited (MMFDB) will be conducting its 7th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Jestha 25, 2075.

As per the notice published in NEPSE, for the purpose of the meeting the shareholders register book will remain closed from Jestha 02 till Jestha 25 i.e. the shareholders holding shares till Jestha 01 will be able to participate in the AGM.

The microfinance company had proposed 30.8% bonus shares for its shareholders and in the upcoming AGM this decision is will be approved by the shareholders. Hence, the shareholders holding shares till Jestha 01 will be liable to get the 30.8% bonus shares of the company.

It had also issued 50% right share, after which, its paid up capital has reached Rs 4.50 crore.  After issuance of 30.80% bonus share, the paid up capital will reach Rs 5.424 crore. It had also endorsed 100% right shares on its paid up capital before bonus i.e. Rs 4.50 crore. After issuance of this 100% right share, its paid up capital will reach Rs 10.38 crore.

The Last Traded Price (LTP) of the share of MMFDB stands at Rs 3,216 as on Baisakh 31, 2075.