Know which broker sold & bought most shares during this recent one-sided fall; Top 5 sellers sell almost 25%

Wed, Nov 30, 2016 2:53 PM on Latest, Exclusive, Featured, Stock Market,
NEPSE index went down by over 250 points in the 18 trading days after the Tihar festival. The benchmark index, which started at 1762.21 points on November 3, was on a continuous downfall and went down up to 1404.53 on November 28. Showing a historic volatility, it improved and closed at 1510.16 the same day. In this 18-day period, transactions worth over Rs. 31 arba were performed. Here are the top brokers who sold and bought the most.

Top Selling Brokers

Online Securities (Broker #49) sold the highest amount at Rs. 90.33 Crores. Its selling share stands at 5.81%. During the review period of previous 18 days before, the selling amount for Online Securities has increased by 27.30%. Top Sellers ABC Securities’ (Broker #17) selling amount increased by 90.43% from Rs. 45.21 Crores in the previous 18-day period (September 26 to October 27) to Rs. 86.1 Crores in this 18-day period from Nov 3 to Nov 28. Other top sellers were Imperial Securities (Broker # 45), Vision Securities (Broker # 34), and Sani Securities (Broker # 42). These 5 sellers only have sold almost 25% of the total sales. % Top Selling

Top Buying Brokers

Top Buyers In addition to being the top seller, Online Securities has also bought the most in this period. Its purchases stand at Rs. 71.97 Crores. Primo Securities (Broker #16), Naasa Securities (Broker #58), Agrawal Securities (Broker #6) and Imperial Securities (Broker #45) are the other top buyers.