Kathmandu Ranks Second Among World's Most Polluted Cities as Air Quality Worsens

Sun, Apr 21, 2024 10:19 AM on National, Featured,

Kathmandu continues to grapple with severe air pollution, solidifying its position as the second most polluted city among the top 10 cities globally, according to the latest data from IQ Air. Beijing, the capital of China, maintains its status as the world's most polluted city.

As of the latest measurements at 8 AM, Beijing's Air Quality Index (AQI) stood at 165, closely followed by Kathmandu with an AQI of 162, both registering in the dangerous range for human health. Despite clear skies in Kathmandu today, pollution levels remain alarmingly high. Experts attribute this persistence to ongoing fires in various locations in India's western region, coupled with local sources of pollution. The situation in Kathmandu is not anticipated to see significant improvement without substantial rainfall or strong winds to disperse pollutants.

Following Kathmandu, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates holds the third spot as the world's third most polluted city, with an AQI of 160. Hanoi, Vietnam, secures the fourth position with an AQI of 158, followed by Chiang Mai in Thailand, ranking fifth with an AQI of 155.

Descending the list, India's capital, Delhi, occupies the sixth position with an AQI of 153, while Bangkok, Thailand's capital, stands at seventh with an AQI of 152. Further down the ranking, Medan in Indonesia takes the eighth spot with an AQI of 143, closely trailed by Lahore in Pakistan, ranking ninth worldwide with an AQI of 137. Concluding the top 10 is China's Wuhan, registering an AQI of 134.