Kathmandu Police Issue Warning Amidst Surge in Online Payment Frauds

Thu, Nov 30, 2023 9:48 AM on Economy, National, Latest,

The Nepal Police have issued a public advisory urging caution against a rising wave of online payment frauds, where individuals are falling victim to scams under the guise of online goods delivery. Authorities reveal that a group of fraudsters has been preying on unsuspecting victims, resulting in financial losses running into thousands of rupees.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Kuber Kadayat, the police spokesperson, stated that the modus operandi of these fraudsters involves advertising goods on social media platforms, convincing customers to make advance payments, and subsequently blocking customer accounts without delivering the promised goods. In light of this, the police are cautioning the general public to exercise vigilance and refrain from making online payments without first confirming the legitimacy of the goods' delivery.

"Lately, there has been an increase in complaints related to fraud, with individuals falling victim to schemes that involve making advance payments for goods advertised on social media. To avoid falling prey to such scams, individuals should verify the authenticity of the relevant page or account before proceeding with online transactions," emphasized DIG Kadayat.

In response to the surge in online payment frauds, the police are urging citizens to report any suspicious activities to the Kathmandu Valley Crime Division, located in Minbhavan, or to the respective district police offices. The move comes as part of a broader effort to curb the growing trend of cybercrimes targeting individuals in Nepal.

As online transactions become increasingly prevalent, authorities are emphasizing the importance of awareness and caution to protect individuals from falling victim to fraudulent schemes. The police advisory serves as a reminder for citizens to remain vigilant, verify the credibility of online platforms, and report any suspicious activities promptly to law enforcement agencies.