Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balendra Shah Urges All to Involve in Cleaning Drive

Fri, May 26, 2023 10:07 AM on Featured, National,

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balendra Shah has urged all concerned to involve in a special cleaning program being conducted on May 27.

The Metropolitan City is organizing a special sanitation program on the first anniversary of office assumption by people's representatives, including Mayor Balendra Shah. It has been almost a year since Nepal held a local-level election- second after the country got its new constitution.

On this occasion, Mayor Shah has requested all representatives of 32 wards to coordinate the cleaning campaigns to be organized by the partner organizations in the respective areas.

The special sanitation drive will be conducted for three hours from 7:00 am this coming Saturday.

Respective wards will provide the cleaning materials. The garbage collected from the sanitation will be managed with the support of the private sector, the Metropolitan City said.