Kamana Sewa posts a massive growth of 195% in its Q1 Operating profit; earns Rs 25.10 crore up from earlier Rs 8.49 crore

Tue, Nov 2, 2021 6:28 AM on Latest, Financial Analysis,

Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank has made huge growth of 195.66 % in Operating Profit in the first quarter for the FY 2078-79 and has reached Rs 25.10 Crore from Rs. 8.49 crore in the corresponding year. Despite Nil non-operating income this quarter (which was around 20 crores last year), the profit after tax (PAT) has merely declined by about 12 %. Deposit of the bank has increased to 47.08 Arab whereas Loan and Advances have increased to 42.90 Arab which is a growth of 28 % and 40 % respectively over the same quarter previous year.

Bank’s Capital Adequacy ratio is 13.66 %, Annualized EPS and Diluted EPS is 26.51 and 22.37 respectively. Bank’s Paid-up Capital and Retained Earnings is 2.65 Arab and 50.50 crore and NPL has decreased to 1.79% from the previous 2.64%. Similarly, Bank’s PE ratio is 25.76, Networth per share is 151.83, and Base Rate is 8.53%.