Kailali Customs Office Reports Rs. 5.73 Arba Revenue Over Nine Months

Mon, Apr 22, 2024 2:00 PM on Latest, Economy, National,

The Kailali Customs Office in Dhangadhi has amassed Rs. 5 Arba 73 Crore 43 Lakh in revenue over nine months.

From Shrawan to Chaitra of the fiscal year 2080-81, the office garnered Rs. 2 Arba 18 Crore 84 Lakhs from customs duties, Rs. 2 Arba 33 Crore 1 lakh from value-added tax, Rs. 15 Crore from excise duty, and Rs. 1 Arba 6 Crore 51 lakhs from various other sources, according to the customs office's information officer, Pabitra Kumar Khadka.

Khadka reported that the office achieved only 66.94% of its nine-month revenue target of Rs. 8 Arba 56 Crore 64 lakhs. He attributed this shortfall to a decrease in imports driven by low capital expenditure and stagnant development and construction activities, which in turn diminished the import of high-revenue items.

He detailed monthly revenue collections within the year: Rs. 46 Crore 82 lakhs in Shrawan, Rs. 51 Crore 93 lakhs in Bhadra, Rs. 63 Crore 14 lakh in Ashwin, Rs. 61 Crore 46 lakhs in Kartik, and Rs. 73 Crore 34 lakhs in Mangsir. Additionally, revenue figures for Poush, Magh, Falgun, and Chaitra were Rs. 68 Crore 90 lakhs, Rs. 66 Crore 67 Lakhs, Rs. 69 Crore 1 Lakh, and Rs. 72 Crore 13 Lakh, respectively.

For the entire fiscal year, the customs office has set a revenue target of Rs. 11 Arba 58 Crore 24 Lakhs. Khadka noted that the revenue collected in these nine months constitutes 49.51% of the annual goal.

In the preceding year, 2079-80, the revenue target was also set, with the office achieving 67.41% of the stipulated amount, as per the records of the office.