IPO of Chirkhwa Hydro Power Limited Added in SEBON Pipeline; Company to Issue 12 Lakh Units IPO shares

Wed, Nov 9, 2022 5:18 PM on Latest, IPO/FPO News, Stock Market,

The initial Public Offering (IPO) of Chirkhwa Hydro Power Limited has been added to SEBON’s IPO pipeline for approval.

1,200,000 unit shares of Rs. 100 each i.e Rs. 12 Crore of Chirkhwa Hydro Power Limited’s shares for Local and General Public have been added to the IPO pipeline. Likewise, RBB Merchant Banking Ltd. has been appointed as the issue manager for the IPO issuance.

About the Company:

Incorporated in January 2009, Chirkhwa Hydropower Private Limited is an SPV set up to develop a 4.7 MW run-of-the river Chirkhwa Hydroelectric Project along Chirkhwa River in the Bhojpur District of Eastern Nepal.