IPO for General Public: Nepal Warehousing Company to Issue 11.41 Lakh IPO Shares from Mangsir 10

Fri, Nov 17, 2023 8:44 AM on IPO/FPO News, Latest,

Nepal Warehousing Company Limited will issue 11,41,250 unit IPO shares at a par value of Rs. 100 from 10th Mangsir, 2080. The early closing date of this issue is on the 13th of Mangsir and if the issue is not fully subscribed, it can be extended up to the 24th of Mangsir, 2080.

Out of the total 13,75,000 units; 10% i.e. 1,37,500 units have already been issued to Nepalese citizens working abroad, whereas 2% i.e. 27,500 units have been set aside for the employees of the company and 5% of the total offered shares i.e. 68,750 units have been set aside for the mutual funds. The remaining 11,41,250 units are for the general public, the issue of which will open from 13th Mangsir, 2080.

Himalayan Capital Limited is appointed as the issue manager. Applications can be placed for a minimum of 10 units and a maximum of 50,000 units.

ICRA Nepal has reaffirmed the issuer rating of [ICRANP-IR] BB- (pronounced ICRA NP issuer rating double B minus) to Nepal Warehousing Company Limited. Issuers with this rating are considered to have a moderate risk of default regarding the timely servicing of financial obligations.

Nepal Warehousing Company was established under the Company Act, 2063 of Nepal to cater to the warehousing needs of the farmers, traders, millers, and businessmen who deal in the trade of grains for their commercial and industrial purposes. These actors more often face post-harvest losses, degraded product quality for further use, and most frequently face problems of keeping grains in a healthy environment for a long time. In order to keep the quality of grains stored intact for a long time, the Nepal Warehousing Company Ltd has brought the solution by installing high-quality silos of 55,000 MT capacity at three different places in province number 1, province number 2, and in Lumbini province.

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