iPhone 15 Launch: Release Date, Price, and New Features - Everything You Need to Know About Apple's Latest iPhone

Tue, Sep 12, 2023 8:43 AM on Featured,

Apple is on the verge of unveiling the newest additions to its iPhone lineup as the tech giant upgrades its flagship smartphone.

On Tuesday, during its "Wanderlust" launch event at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park, California, the US company will introduce the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, succeeding last year's iPhone 14 models. Additionally, upgrades to the Apple Watch lineup are expected.

Here's a comprehensive overview of the iPhone 15 launch:

When and Where to Watch the iPhone 15 Launch?

The iPhone 15 event will occur at 6 pm BST on Tuesday, September 12, or 10 am local time in California. The livestream can be viewed on YouTube.

Release Date for the iPhone 15

Traditionally, Apple announces new iPhones on a Tuesday, followed by pre-orders opening later in the week. For the iPhone 15, pre-orders are expected to start on Friday, September 15, with wider availability through networks on Friday, September 22.

Apple is likely to introduce two iPhone 15 Pro models – a standard-sized iPhone 15 Pro with a 6.1-inch display and a larger iPhone 15 Pro Max featuring a 6.7-inch screen. Additionally, there will be two slightly less powerful models – the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. Supply chain analysts speculate that the release of the iPhone 15 Pro Max could be delayed, possibly until October. There have also been reports of a potential rebranding from "Max" to "Ultra."

Key Features of the iPhone 15

While the iPhone 15 represents a modest upgrade compared to earlier iPhone generations, all four models will receive various improvements over the iPhone 14 lineup. Unlike some competitors, Apple is not expected to reintroduce fingerprint sensors embedded in the screen or the back of the phone.

The iPhone 15 range will feature an upgraded microchip, the A17 bionic, expected to be a cutting-edge 3 nanometer processor manufactured by Taiwanese company TSMC. This more efficient chip should enhance the phone's battery life.

The Pro models will adopt a titanium frame, offering durability and reduced weight compared to stainless steel. Analysts anticipate that all iPhones will feature the "dynamic island" screen design, eliminating the "notch" present in older models. Instead, an adaptive display around a punch-hole camera will be employed at the top of the phone.

Camera enhancements are expected across all models. Entry-level iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models are likely to have significant upgrades, including a more powerful wide camera with 48MP. The advanced iPhone 15 Pro models may introduce a "periscope" camera lens for enhanced zoom capabilities.

Renders suggest a larger camera bump on the back of the phone, along with a slightly curved glass screen and a rumored replacement of the mute button with a versatile "action" button.

Apple's iOS 17 software is expected to accompany the iPhone 15's launch, introducing features like a journal app.

Changes to the iPhone 15 Charging Cable

One noticeable change is the new charging cable and port. Due to an EU law aimed at reducing e-waste and standardizing chargers, Apple will replace its proprietary "lightning" charging cables with USB-C. This change will apply globally, aligning with EU regulations.

While this charging port supports fast-charging and is already used in other Apple devices like MacBooks, some older cables may become obsolete. USB-C is also a common standard for most Android smartphones.

Apple Watch Updates

Apple is expected to introduce the Apple Watch Series 9 with a more powerful processor. Whether there will be upgrades to the Apple Watch Ultra remains uncertain.

With the transition to USB-C for iPhones, there are expectations of updates to Apple's AirPod headphones and charging cases.

Additionally, Apple fans may anticipate further details about the Vision Pro VR headset, which was teased earlier but is not expected to be released until next year.

iPhone 15 Pricing

Pricing details for the new iPhone are yet to be revealed. However, indications suggest a potential price increase. Last year, the iPhone 14 started at £849, while the iPhone 14 Pro began at £1,099. Analysts at Barclays anticipate higher price points for the iPhone 15 lineup, with approximately a $100 increase for the iPhone 15 Pro and between $100 to $200 more for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

It remains to be seen whether inflation will further impact the pricing.