IME Remit declares winners for month of Aswin for its Double ko Double ko Double campaign; scheme still valid till Nov 12

Sun, Oct 24, 2021 10:12 AM on Latest, Corporate,

IME Remit has declared winners for the month of Aswin for its Double ko Double ko Double part II campaign.

As per the media statement, Ms. Rekha Rai and Mr. Gokul Thapamagar have received four times their remittance amount after being chosen as the lucky winners. The lucky winners had dispatched Rs 32,986 and Rs 41,222 to their family members

Likewise, the company has also declared the winner for its third and fourth week of the scheme were Mr. Sunil Magar, Mr. Chatra Bahadur Jimy, Mr. Bikas Khajum, and Mr. Bhanu Acharya who received double the remittance  amount they sent

The scheme will remain in place till Nov 12, 2021, where the ex-pat Nepalese disbursing their remittance via IME will receive double the amount in a weekly lucky draw, four times the remittance amount in a monthly lucky draw, and eight times the original remittance amount in a bumper draw, as per the media statement.