Gurans Life Insurance announces its AGM; to endorse agendas to issue 8% bonus and 100% right shares

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Gurans Life Insurance Company Limited (GLICL) will be holding its 9th Annual General meeting (AGM) on Chaitra 21, 2075. The AGM will be held at Baneshwor Banquet, Thapagaun, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu at 11:00 AM.

Main Agendas of the AGM are:

  • To endorse 8% bonus share and 0.421 percent cash dividend for tax purpose of FY 2073/74.
  • To endorse the appointment of Mr Saurav Dugad as director for remaining period after the resignation of Mr Rishi Kumar Gadiya from director post.
  • To increase Authorized, Issued and paid up capital to Rs 2 arba and amend article of association accordingly as per directed by regulatory bodies.
  • To endorse the agendas to issue 100% right shares worth Rs 93.85 crore.
  • Other Agendas of the AGM include financial highlights of 2073/74 and appointment of auditor for FY 2074/75.

Only those shareholders owning shares till Chaitra 5 will entitle to the bonus share of the company. The register of their shareholders will be close from Chaitra 6, 2075 till Chaitra 21, 2075 for the purpose of its upcoming (AGM).

The proposed bonus share will raise the paid-up capital of the company from Rs 59.40 crore to Rs 64.15 crore and further after the issue of already approved right shares worth Rs 29.70, the paid up capital will be Rs 93.85 crore.

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