Gold Gains Rs. 1,100 per tola; Silver trading at Rs. 1,360

Tue, Feb 23, 2021 1:11 PM on Latest, National,

The price of gold and silver has gained today.

The two precious metals witnessed extensive upwards rallies during the pandemic, a move triggered by investors flocking towards safer assets during an economically turbulent time. After creating higher highs, the price of both metals is going through a correction. Nonetheless, the price of both metals saw a small gain today.

According to the official website of the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers' Association, fine gold is trading today at Rs. 90,100 per tola while tejabi gold is being traded at Rs. 89,650 per tola. Both types of gold have gained Rs. 1,100 compared to the price maintained yesterday. Yesterday, fine gold traded at Rs. 89,000 per tola while tejabi gold traded at Rs. 88,550 per tola.

Silver has also gained on the sideway. While it traded yesterday at Rs. 1,335 per tola, the white lustrous metal has gained Rs. 25 per tola today and is trading at Rs. 1,360.