" Global IME Balance Fund-I (GIMEBF) " Allotted to Applicants; Subscription for The Fund Remains Lower Than The Demand

Wed, Jul 27, 2022 10:51 AM on Latest, IPO/FPO Result News,

Global IME Capital Limited opened a new closed-end mutual fund scheme “Global IME Balance Fund-I (GIMEBF)” worth Rs 1.2 arba with a maturity of 10 years.

This scheme was set to close on the 26th of Ashad, 2079 at the earliest. The deadline would have been extended till Shrawan 04 if the application was not sufficiently subscribed. This fund is managed by Global IME Capital Limited and sponsored by Global IME Bank. The issue is of 12 crore units worth Rs 1.2 Arba and the per-unit cost is Rs 10

15% of the total units i.e. 1.80 crore units worth Rs. 18 crores have been allocated to the fund sponsor Global IME Bank Limited and fund manager Global IME Capital Limited. The 15% is further allotted on the ratio based on 13.50% i.e 1,62,00,000 to Global IME Bank and 1.50% i.e 18,00,000 units reserved for fund manager Global IME Capital. Thus, the remaining 10.20 crores units are for the general public. However, on the closing date i.e from Ashad 22 to Shrawan 4, applicants for units less than required have been received.

During that period, applications for 8,45,89,760 units were received from a total of 60,719 applicants, and after the necessary examination and placement, the applications given by 56 applicants for 13,400 units were considered invalid. Hence, a total of 60,663 applicants consisting of 8,45,76,360 units have been considered valid applicants.

In the presence of regulatory bodies, investors, representatives of the media, and representatives of concerned bodies, the work of distributing the units as per the demand has been completed at the registered office of Naxal, Kathmandu.

Global IME Capital Limited has extended its gratitude to the Securities Board, journalists and media personnel, investors, well-wishers, and others for their support and encouragement of the company. The fund manager has assured everyone that it will continue to be active in providing high returns, risk management, and high-quality services in the days to come.