Fine Gold Price Spikes by Rs. 2300 Per Tola on the First Day of Mangsir; Silver Up by Rs. 90

Fri, Nov 17, 2023 12:35 PM on Latest, Economy, National,

The price of the precious yellow metal has increased by Rs. 2300 per tola today compared to 27 Kartik, Monday's trading price.

According to the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers' Association (FENEGOSIDA) today, fine gold is being traded at Rs.1,15,500 per tola after it increased by Rs.2300 compared to Monday's trading price of Rs.1,13,200 per tola.

Likewise, Tejabi gold can be acquired today at Rs.1,14,950 per tola, reflecting a Rs. 2300 increase from Monday's price of Rs. 1,12,650 per tola.

Similarly, silver has experienced a gain of Rs. 90 per tola, with the current market rate at Rs. 1,450 per tola, compared to Monday's closing rate of Rs. 1,360 per tola.

The current rate of gold in the international market is USD $1,982.86 while silver is being traded at $23.78 per ounce.