Expiration of mutual funds lead to increase in bank balance of mutual funds in Bhadra! Find out their purchase and sales of mutual funds

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There are 16 mutual funds in the country currently. Out of 16, Siddhartha Equity Oriented Scheme (SEOS), Siddhartha Investment Growth Scheme (SIGS1) and Nabil Balance Fund (NBF1) got matured recently. Nabil Balance Fund 2 (NBF2), Citizens Mutual Fund 2 (CMF2), NMB 50 (NMB 50), NIC Asia Balanced Fund (NICBAL), Siddhartha Investment Growth Scheme - 2 (SIGS2) and NIBL Sahabhagita Fund (NIBLSF) (open end mutual fund) are new mutual funds added to the list.

Mutual funds have an investment in listed/ unlisted funds of Rs 8.16 arba in Bhadra compared to Rs 7.97 arba in Shrawan. Similarly, mutual funds have increased bank balance from Rs  arba in Shrawan to Rs 5.96 arba. This is mainly due to expiration of mutual funds. Mutual funds investment in debentures and public shares amounts to Rs 92.53 crores. Similarly, the funds also have invested 1.03% in primary shares which amounts to Rs 17.54 crores.


The top investments by mutual funds irrespective of sectors in the month of Bhadra are as follows:

The top most bought stocks in Bhadra by the overall mutual fund industry are as follows:

The top most sold stocks in Bhadra by the overall mutual fund industry are as follows: The expiration of SNBF2, NMBFS1 and SEOS led the top sales of the same stock.

Sector-wise Breakdown

Investment in commercial banking industry accounts for the highest sector-wise investment of Rs 3.50 arba. Likewise, they have investment of Rs 9.00 arba in shares of life insurance companies, accounting for the second-highest sector-wise value. Microfinance companies sector stands at the third highest investment priority for mutual funds with an investment worth Rs 88.53 crores.

Commercial banks:

Among the commercial banks, Nepal Bank Limited (NBL) is seen as the top priority for investment by mutual funds. It accounts an investment worth Rs 42.08 crores. Nabil Bank Limited (NABIL) stands at the second position with investment of Rs 40.27 crores. NMB Bank Limited (NMB) stands with the investment of Rs 19.98 crores.

Development Banks:

As for the development banks, Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited (MNBBL) has the highest investment preference among mutual funds. The mutual funds have invested an amount worth Rs 16.54 crores. Shine Bank Limited (SHINE) is seen in the second position with an investment worth Rs 7.66 crores. Garima Bikas Bank Limited (GBBL) has an investment of Rs 7.39 crores at the third position.

Microfinance companies:

Among the listed microfinance companies Chhimek Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd. (CBBL), Sana Kisan Bikas Bank Limited (SKBBL) and Deprosc Development Bank Ltd. (DDBL) were the top three investment priorities for mutual funds. Mutual funds invested Rs 14.94 crores in Chhimek Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd. (CBBL) Rs 13.93 crores in Sana Kisan Bikas Bank Limited (SKBBL), and Rs 12.84 crores in Deprosc Development (DDBL).

Life Insurance companies:

Among the life insurance companies in Nepal, Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC), National Life Insurance Company Limited (NLICL) and Life Insurance Company Limited (LICN) are the investment companies of top priorities for mutual funds. Mutual funds schemes have around Rs 29.76 crore investments in NLIC, Rs 17.39 crore investments in NLICL and Rs 11.72 crores investment in LICN.

Non-Life Insurance companies:

Among the non-life insurance companies in Nepal, Shikhar Insurance Company Limited (SICL), NLG Insurance Company Limited (NLG) and Siddhartha Insurance Company Limited (SIL) are the investment companies of top priorities for mutual funds. Mutual funds schemes have around Rs 9.65 crore investments in SICL, Rs 7.47 crore investments in NLG and Rs 7.27 crores investment in SIL.

Hydropower companies:

The inclination of investment in hydropower companies for mutual funds was in Chilime Hydropower Company (CHCL) with an investment of Rs 15.83 crores, Butwal Power Company Limited (BPCL) with an investment of Rs 10.82 crores and Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company (RHPL) with an investment of Rs 6.79 crore.


As for finance companies, the top three investments were ICFC Finance Limited (ICFC), Manjushree Finance Limited (MFIL) and Goodwill Finance (GFCL). Mutual funds invested an amount of Rs 76.86 lakhs in ICFC, Rs 36.10 lakhs in MFIL Finance and Rs 28.30 lakhs in Goodwill Finance Limited.


Among the three listed hotels in NEPSE, mutual funds have given higher priority to Oriental Hotels Limited (OHL) with an investment of Rs 2.07 crores.

Mutual fund:

The mutual fund schemes also invest in other mutual funds. The mutual funds have preferred as the Siddhartha Equity Oriented Scheme (SEOS) scheme for investment. It has an investment that accounts to Rs 3.18 crore. The fund got matured on 6th Bhadra, 2076. 

NMB Sulav Investment Fund-1 (NMBSF1) falls under the second highest investment value mutual fund. It has an investment of Rs 1.05 crores. Finally Citizens Mutual Funds (CMF1) has a third highest investment of Rs 1.03 crores.

Manufacturing & Production:

Mutual funds have invested Rs 1.63 crores in Bottlers Nepal Terai Limited, Rs 1.44 crores in Himalayan Distillery (HDL), Rs 43.93 lakhs in Unilever Company Limited (UNL) and Rs 11.91 lakhs in Shivam Limited (SHIVM) as of Bhadra, 2075.


As for the others sector, mutual funds have invested Rs 23.58 crores in Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited (NTC), Rs 71.53 crores investment in Citizen Investment Trust (CIT),  and Rs 1.67 crores in Jalabidyut Lagani Tatha Bikas (HIDCL).

Preference shares and Promoter shares:

Similarly, the preference and promoter shares as per the choice of mutual funds are:

Hence, the overall analysis draws the top companies preferred by mutual funds for investment. This article might be helpful to the aspiring investors in the secondary market. What are your views on the mutual funds? Do you think the top investment decisions made by mutual funds are backed up with rationality? Please write to us in the comment section below.

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