Do This to Claim Your Bonus Shares from VLBS and PFL

Mon, Apr 5, 2021 11:58 AM on Latest, Dividend, Bonus & Rights,

Vijaya Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (VLBS) has made the necessary arrangement to distribute the 19% bonus shares directly to Demat accounts of its shareholders. The microfinance company endorsed a 20% dividend for the fiscal year 2076/77: 19% bonus shares and 1% cash dividend from the paid-up capital. The paid-up capital of the company before dividend distribution was Rs. 22,40,31,500. Thus, the bonus shares are worth Rs. 4,25,65,985 and the cash dividend is worth Rs. 22,40,315.

The same bonus shares will now be distributed.

Similarly, Pokhara Finance Limited (PFL) has distributed 5% bonus shares directly to the Demat accounts of its shareholders. Pokhara Finance has virtually convened its 24th AGM for the FY 2076-77 under the leadership of its chairman on Poush 29, 2077.

The AGM has endorsed the board’s proposal to provide 5% bonus shares and 0.26% cash dividend to its shareholders from the profit it had made in the previous fiscal year. After the endorsement of the bonus shares, the paid-up capital of the finance company will scale up to Rs 96.31 crore.

The same bonus shares are now deposited to Demat accounts.

For both the companies, investors who have a Demat account should authorize their bank details on their Demat account to get the dividend. Meanwhile, investors who still hold physical shares of the companies should dematerialize their shares as early as possible to claim their dividends.

Furthermore, if eligible investors had taken a loan against the shares of the companies before the book closure date, they should present a No Objection Letter from their lending institution in order to receive the dividend.