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Nepal's only top notch Direct-to-home (DTH) Service provider DISH-HOME has been providing a reliable quality service since its establishment. Among other pay TV service providers throughout Nepal, DISH HOME has been successful in providing astounding picture quality along with a reliable quality service.

This year, DISH HOME has unveiled exclusive discount offers alongside the free ADD-ON packages upon the recharge via the latest FUND TRANSFER scheme. FUND TRANSFER scheme is nothing but an online money transfer procedure done via the payment application(app) which is accessible for transaction at the authorized dealers of DISH HOME only. On the contrary, this scheme overcomes the hassles of SMS, banking via recharge cards and likewise.

The scheme launched for the FUND TRANSFER recharge has the optimal packages for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months respectively. Also, the FUND TRANSFER recharge for 3 months endorses a free ADD-ON PACKAGE for 1 month, FUND TRANSFER recharge for 6 months endorses a free ADD-ON PACKAGE for 2 months whereas the FUND TRANSFER recharge for 12 months (one year) endorses a free ADD-ON PACKAGE for 4 months at the best regards of costumers.   

The packages for the yearly recharge scheme comprise of packages as such: A package worth Rs. 4,200 now @Rs. 3,600; package worth (Rs. 4,800) now @Rs. 4,200; package worth Rs. 5,100 now @Rs. 4,500; package worth Rs. 5,700 now @Rs. 4,998; package worth Rs. 6,000 now @Rs. 4,999; package worth Rs. 7,200 now @Rs. 5,799; and a package worth Rs. 10,800 now @Rs. 8,400; at a notable discount rate upto Rs. 2,400. Furthermore, upon the yearly recharge, the consumers have the privilege to choose ADD-ON packages like PLUS PACKAGE add-on, ENTERTAINMENT HD add-on, SPORTS and INFOTAINMENT add-on, HBO HD add-on and SD PACKAGE add-on at their best interest. 

Moreover, DISH HOME guarantees the provision of after sales services such as maintenance service, quality assurance service, customer care service 24*7 on a daily basis on every day of the week along with the lifetime warranty of the setup box, mobile apps, and likewise. The only Pay-Per-View service provider in Nepal, DISH HOME assures the provision of service and maintenance regarding the insufficiencies and problems acknowledged in the metropolitan cities, municipalities and VDCs within 24 hours all over Nepal ( depending upon the time consumption and hassles acquired to reach the destination of the customers for maintenance service). Also, the IVR and SMS services are available for those who wish to inquire the service-related issues without contacting the customer care service of DISH HOME.