Commercial Banks urge shareholders to claim uncollected dividend; details published on respective websites

Tue, Aug 20, 2019 2:16 PM on Latest, Others,

A number commercial banks have published notices urging the shareholders to claim their respective dividends and dematerialize their holding. These banks are Everest Bank Limited (EBL), Nabil Bank Limited (NABIL), Siddhartha Bank Limited (SBL), Global IME Bank Limited (GBIME) and Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIB).

The details of shareholders who haven’t claimed dividend in the past years is available on the respective websites of the banks. (EBL) (NABIL) (SBL) (GBIME) (NIB)

EBL had issued 20% cash dividend out of FY 74/75 profits, NABIL had issued 12% bonus shares and 22% cash dividend while SBL had issued 5% bonus shares and 8.16% cash dividend. Similarly, GBIME issued 16% bonus shares and NIB issued 18% bonus shares and 22% cash dividend out of the profits of FY 74/75.