Commercial Banks See Decrement in Total Deposit in Third Week of Shrawan, Lending Up by Rs. 2 Billion

Tue, Aug 9, 2022 10:27 AM on Latest, Economy, National,

Nepal Bankers' Association (NBA) has unveiled an elaborate report on the trend of deposit and lending in the Nation's Commercial banks. This is the data reported as of third week of Sharwan, 2079. The CD ratio till 20th Shrawan, 2079 was 87.69%. However, the same ratio as of 22nd Shrawan stood at 87.65%.

The total deposit figure has fallen by Rs. 4 billion (Arba) in the third week of Shrawan, and the figure stood at Rs. 4446 billion. In the second week of Shrawan, this figure had fallen by Rs. 28 billion from the week before that. In total Rs. 4339 billion worth of deposits are in local currency while the rest Rs. 107 billion is in foreign currency.

Meanwhile, the total lending has risen by Rs. 2 billion, and the total figure stood at Rs. 4166 billion. Rs. 4134 billion worth of lending has been forwarded in local currency while Rs. 30 billion is in foreign currency.