Citizen Investment Trust reports net profit of Rs 12.11 crore till Q1 of 2075/76; Net worth per share at Rs 212

Fri, Nov 22, 2019 11:59 AM on Financial Analysis, Latest, Stock Market,
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Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) has published financial highlights for the FY 2075/76 along with first-quarter performance in FY 2076/77.

CIT has reported a net profit of Rs 43.39 crore for FY 2075/76. Similarly, the same figure stands at Rs 12.11 crore till Ashwin end, 2076. The net profit till Q1 of 2075/76 stood at Rs 10.57 crore only.

As of Ashad end, 2076 the share capital of CIT stood at Rs 1.10 arba with Rs 4.22 arba in reserves. In Q1 of 2076/77, the share capital remains at Rs 1.10 arba but has calls in advance of Rs 16.55 crore. Likewise, the reserves have also climbed to Rs 4.67 arba in Q1 of 2076/77.

It net worth per share stood at Rs 201 at Ashad end, 2076 and the figure grew to Rs 212 till Ashwin end, 2076. Likewise, the earnings per share has also increased from Rs 39 to Rs 44 from Ashad end to Ashwin end of 2076.

Some of the major sources of income for CIT are interest income, service charge, and commission income, dividend income and so on.