Chhimek Laghubitta declares dates for the company’s 17th AGM; agendas include endorsement of 40% dividend

Chhimek La...

The 227th BOD meeting of Chhimek Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha (CBBL) has decided that the 17th AGM of the microfinance company will be held on 30th Baisakh, 2076 (13th May, 2019) at Hotel Samana, Hetuda from 10:30 AM onwards.

The agendas of the AGM include endorsement of audited financial highlights of FY 74/75 and appointment of statutory auditor for FY 75/76. The AGM will also be endorsing 40% dividend for the shareholders out of the profits of FY 74/75. This includes 22% cash dividend (including tax) worth Rs.22 Crore and 18% bonus shares worth Rs.18 Crore.

After the issue of bonus shares, the paid up capital of the company will increase from Rs.1 Arba to Rs.1.18 Arba.

For this purpose, the books of the company will remain closed from 16th Baisakh to 30th Baisakh, 2076. Investors holding shares of the company till 15th Baisakh, 2076 will be eligible to claim dividend and participate in the AGM of the company.