Buddha Bhumi Hydropower Signs Green Hydrogen Project Deal with Kathmandu University

Sun, Apr 21, 2024 12:55 PM on Latest, Corporate,

Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower Company Limited (BNHC) in Nuwakot has signed a significant agreement with Kathmandu University to initiate the first private-sector green hydrogen project in Nepal.

This venture will be undertaken at the Lower Tadi Khola Hydro Power Project in Dupcheshwar Municipality. The agreement outlines a three-month timeline for conducting a feasibility study for green hydrogen production, with plans to commence production based on the hydropower project's capacity.

The project currently generates 3200 kilowatts of electricity and plans to utilize excess water during the rainy season for hydrogen production. This green hydrogen will be stored using scientific methods and could potentially be used for purposes such as cold storage.

The move follows a visit by the company's president, Purna Lal Shrestha, to Japan, where he was inspired by advancements in green hydrogen production and transport. Kathmandu University has established a hydrogen refueling center in collaboration with several partners, including the Nepal Oil Corporation and Hyundai.

This center, which currently produces two kilograms of hydrogen daily, aims to facilitate research and demonstrate hydrogen production and usage, supported by a significant financial contribution from the corporation.

The ultimate goal is to develop a scalable plan for a hydrogen refueling center capable of supporting 30-35-watt hydrogen vehicle refueling. This project marks Nepal's first foray into hydrogen production for transportation, signifying a pioneering step towards sustainable energy solutions.