Bottlers Nepal Terai to convene 33rd AGM on Kartik 20, 2076; cash dividend worth Rs.40 per share to be endorsed

Bottlers N...

The BOD meeting of Bottlers Nepal Terai Limited (BNT) have decided that the 33rd AGM of the company will be held on Kartik 28, 2076 (November 14, 2019) at Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marg from 11 AM onwards.

The agenda of the AGM is to endorse the audited financial highlights of FY 75/76 and appoint statutory auditor for FY 76/77. The AGM will also endorse decision to distribute cash dividend at the rate of Rs.40 per share for the shareholders out of the profits of FY 75/76.

For this purpose, the books of the company will remain closed from Kartik 14, 2076 till the date of AGM. Investors holding shares of the company till Kartik 13, 2076 will be eligible to claim dividend and participate in the AGM of the company.