Book Closure date for 9th AGM of Gurans Life Insurance Company on 6th Chaitra 2075; company to issue 100% rights after issuing 8% bonus shares and 50% right shares

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Book Closu...

Gurans Life Insurance Company Limited (GLICL) has published a notice regarding the book closure date for the purpose of AGM.

The 150th BOD meeting of the company decided to convene the 9th AGM on 21st Chaitra 2075 at Baneshwor Banquet, New Baneshwor.

The company will be issuing 50% right shares approved by the 8th AGM and 8% bonus shares from the profits of FY 73/74. The book closure date for this purpose is on 6th Chaitra 2075. Investors holding shares of the company till 5th Chaitra will be eligible to attend the AGM and claim dividends and right shares.

The 9th AGM has also proposed further issue of 100% right shares worth Rs.93.85 Crore in agenda.

The proposed 8% bonus share will raise the paid-up capital of the company from Rs.59.40 Crore to Rs.64.15 Crore and further after the issue of already approved 50% right shares worth Rs.29.70 Crore, the paid up capital will be Rs.93.85 Crore. After the issue of 100% right shares, the paid up capital of the company will stand at Rs.1.87 Arba.