Best Finance company appoints Prabhu Capital as its share registrar; duties to be undertaken from Kartik 1,2076

Mon, Oct 14, 2019 2:48 PM on Latest, Others,
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Best Finance Company Limited (BFC) has published a notice regarding appointment of share registrar.

The Company has appointed Prabhu Capital Limited (PRABHU) as its share registrar. All duties of the share registrar will be transferred to Prabhu Capital from Kartik 1,2076.

The net profit of BFC has increased massively by 84% from Rs.4.42 crore in the corresponding quarter of the last fiscal year to Rs.8.17 crore till Q4 of FY 2075/2076. However, negative reserve has increased to Rs 10.1 crore from Rs 7.58 crore in the corresponding quarter of last FY.

The finance company has collected a total deposit of Rs.2.38 arba which has increased from deposit of Rs.21 crore in corresponding period of FY 2074/2075. The bank has floated Rs.2.18 arba as loans and advances for the fourth quarter of the FY 2075/76 – an increment from Rs.28 crore posted in the last year’s corresponding quarter.