Auction Open from Today: Premier Insurance (PIC) Auctioning Promoter Shares of Citizen Investment Trust (CIT)

Wed, Jan 13, 2021 10:56 AM on Latest, Auction,

Premier Insurance Company's auction of promoter shares of Citizen Investment Trust is open from today, i.e. Poush 29.

Premier Insurance Company Limited (PIC) is auctioning 1,03,700 units promoter shares of Citizen Investment Trust (CIT). The auction will close on 8th Magh, 2077. Only banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies are eligible to bid for the auction.

While the minimum bid quantity must be 100 units, bidders can bid for the entirety of the auctioned amount. Nevertheless, any quantity in between must be a multiple of 10. Rs. 1,350 is the minimum bid rate.

Auction Notice