Ajod Insurance to convene AGM on Poush 11, 2076; Major agenda to float IPO

Ajod Insur...

Ajod Insurance Limited (AJOD) will be convening its second AGM on Poush 11, 2076 at Lainchaur Banquet, Kathmandu from 4 PM onwards.

The 66th Board Meeting held on Mangsir 17, 2076 has decided on the following agendas for the meeting:

  • Approval of the annual report to be presented by the Chairman for the year 2075/76.
  • Approval of audited financial statements for the fiscal year 2075/76.
  • Appointment of the auditor for the year 2076/77 and determination of the remuneration.
  • Floating Initial Public Offering (IPO)