19 days of FY 2075/76 remaining, capital expenditure behind by Rs 1.48 kharba from target; See detailed statistics

Fri, Jun 28, 2019 11:28 AM on Economy, Exclusive, Latest,

The budget for FY 2075/76 had presented a total budget size of Rs 13.15 kharba, with tax revenue of Rs 8.31 kharba and capital expenditure of Rs 3.13 kharba.

As has been the trend, the government has been slow at spending its reserves in timely manner and most activities are pushed toward the end of the fiscal year.

The table below shows the total amount collected as revenue and total expenditure made by government till the end of each month. As you can see in the table, till the six months of this FY approximately 50% of the targeted revenue had been collected, whereas in case of expenditure, only 25.8% of the targeted amount has been spent.

This fiscal year is nearing its end with just 19 days remaining all the works are being rushed as it has been infamously termed as "Asarey bikas". From the start of Ashad many narrow gulleys in valley are seen being repaired. We could say better late than never, but that would be true only if these works were sustainable. We have seen year in and out that these roads repaired in haste don't even last till the end of this monsoon.

The table below shows the daily statistics of government capital expenditure. Capital expenditure is a sub-heading inside the Total expenditure.

 Amount in lakhs 
Date  Capital expenditure per day 
Ashad 1  8,857
Ashad 2            5,505
Ashad 3            6,194
Ashad 4            8,588
Ashad 5          10,905
Ashad 6          13,259
Ashad 7                116
Ashad 8            9,271
Ashad 9          33,741
Ashad 10          31,121
Ashad 11            8,642

As you can see in the table above, each day since the beginning of Ashad the capital expenditures are happening in denominations of crores and in some days arba too. The the total capital expenditure has risen by 3.55% in a period of 11 days. Likewise, the capital expenditure has also increased by 4.06% in a period of 11 days.

With just 19 days remaining, it is hard to believe that government will be able to push those percentages anywhere near 100%. Thus, we'll have another year of under-utilized funds and just another similar year to look forward to.