"12% ICFC Finance Debenture 2083" to open from Falgun 13, 2076; Finance issuing 76,000 units for general public

Sun, Feb 16, 2020 11:31 AM on Bonds & Debentures, Latest, Stock Market,
"12% ICFC...

ICFC Finance Limited (ICFC) is issuing a total of 2 Lakh units of debentures at par value of Rs.1000 per unit. The issue will open from Falgun 13, 2076 to Falgun 16, 2076. In case of under subscription, the issue will be extended till Falgun 27, 2076.

The total value of "12% ICFC Finance Debenture 2083" is Rs.20 Crore and will provide 12% interest. The debentures will mature in 7 years i.e. 2083. Out of the total units, 80,000 units (40% of the issue) is for the general public while 120,000 units (60% of the issue) will be privately placed. Similarly, 5% of debenture issued for the general public i.e 4,000 units is reserved for Mutual Funds.

Global IME Capital Limited has been appointed as the issue manager.

Interested applicants can apply for a minimum of 25 units or a maximum of 76,000 units.