11,51,950.17 Bonus Shares of Srijana Finance Limited (SFFIL) Now Listed in NEPSE

Thu, Jun 17, 2021 12:51 PM on Latest, Share Listed,

11,51,950.17 unit bonus shares of Srijana Finance Limited (SFFIL) are now listed in NEPSE.

Srijana Finance convened its 20th AGM for the FY 2076-77 under the leadership of its chairman Mr. Suyash Pyakurel. The AGM endorsed the board’s proposal to provide 13.59% bonus shares and cash dividends to the shareholders for the fiscal year 2076/77. The same bonus shares are now listed.

Citizens Bank International Limited (CZBIL) and Srijana Finance Limited (SFFIL) have signed the final agreement for the acquisition on Jestha 11. Citizens Bank International and Srijana Finance have signed a final acquisition agreement where the bank is acquiring the finance company in the share swap ratio of 100:95.

The preliminary acquisition agreement was signed on Magh 28 between BoD of the bank Mr. Prabal Jung Pandey and BoD of the finance company Mr. Subash Acharya amid a program. SFFIL is a finance company with its central office in Bhanu Tole, Ward 09, Biratnagar. Meanwhile, Citizens Bank has its registered office in Narayanhiti, Kathmandu. The revamped bank will have a deposit figure of Rs 1.37 Lharba, a loan disbursement figure of Rs 1.21 Kharba, 189 branches in its network, and a paid-up value of Rs 12.58 Arba.