These 10 New Institutional Investors Will Participate in IPO Book Building Process (With an Entire List of Investors)

Wed, Mar 10, 2021 4:35 PM on Stock Market, Latest,

The IPO issuing system of Nepal is adapting the Book Building process.

According to Investopedia,

"Book building is the process by which an underwriter attempts to determine the price at which an initial public offering (IPO) will be offered. An underwriter, normally an investment bank, builds a book by inviting institutional investors (such as fund managers and others) to submit bids for the number of shares and the price(s) they would be willing to pay for them."

Sarbottam Cements will be the first company in Nepal to issue an IPO via the book-building process. There were a total of 46 institutional investors initially in Nepal eligible for the book-building process. SEBON added 18 more investors on Magh 20 this year. Now, the board has added 10 more institutional investors yesterday, i.e. on Falgun 25.

This is the list of the 10 new institutional investors added yesterday:

1) Usha Investment Pvt. Ltd.
2) Kumari Bank Limited
3) Sunrise Bank Limited
4) Laxmi Bank Limited
5) Goodwill Finance Limited
6) United Idi Mardi and R.B. Hydropower Ltd.
7) Bishal Group Pvt. Ltd.
8) Shree Ganesh Properties and Investment Pvt. Ltd.
9) Prudential Capital Management Co. Pvt. Ltd.
10) Seed Fund Pvt. Ltd.

The entire list of companies can be seen in the attachment below: