World Merchant and Finance Limited publishes highlights for the third quarter; reports fall in all major indicators

Tue, Apr 23, 2019 1:17 PM on Financial Analysis, Latest, Stock Market,
World Merc...

World Merchant and Finance Limited (WMBF) has reported decrease in net profit in the third quarter with a negative reserved of Rs.22.68 Crore.

The unaudited financial report of the finance company has stated that the net profit has decreased to Rs.63.73 Lakhs from previous of Rs.4.60 Crore.

It has extended loans of Rs.17.43 Crore and has collected deposits of Rs.7.48 Crore. It has paid up capital of Rs.26.56 Crore with diminished reserve of Rs.22.68 Crore.

Net interest income has decreased to Rs.61.73 Lakh in the third quarter. The operating loss has increased to Rs.3.14 Crore as per the latest financial reports.

The finance company’s non-performing loan (NPL) to total loan stands at 100% in the third quarter as well.

The annualized EPS of the company stands at Rs.3.50 and Net worth per share at Rs.14.60. The PE Ratio stands at 24.56 times.