With The Growth In Top Line Shangrila Development Bank Report Improvement In Overall Profitability In Q4; EPS at Rs. 19.79 and Net Worth at Rs. 141.53

Fri, Aug 5, 2022 11:33 AM on Latest, Financial Analysis, Stock Market,

Shangrila Development Bank Limited (SADBL) has reported impressive growth of 45.29% in net Profit in the fourth quarter for the FY 2078-79 and has reached Rs 59.5 Crores from Rs. 41 crores in the corresponding year.

The operating Profit of the company increased to Rs. 86.4 crores which increased by 46.69% compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

Deposit of the bank has increased to 48.77 Arba whereas Loan and Advances have increased to 40.84 Arba which is a growth of 16.69% and 23.60% respectively over the same quarter previous year.

Bank’s Paid-up Capital and Reserve and Surplus are 3.01 Araba and 1.25 Arba respectively.

Bank’s Capital Adequacy ratio is 11.85% and NPL stood at 0.98%.

Annualized EPS stood at Rs. 19.79. Similarly, Bank’s PE ratio is 19.05 times and the Net worth per share is 141.53.

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Major Financial Highlights