Verification of Foreign Employment Demand Application To Be Done In-state

Fri, May 26, 2023 2:09 PM on Latest,

The government is set to conduct verification of foreign employment demand application and employment contract in Nepal.

Earlier, the documents submitted via manpower companies were authenticated by respective foreign embassy or commissions in Nepal.

A preliminary draft for proposal to amend the Foreign Employment Act to verify foreign employment demand letter by a committee of Foreign Employment Department inclusive of higher level staffers rather than only foreign-based Nepali commissions has been presented.

The proposal aims to provide access to both alternatives.

Currently, after official examination at the embassy, the demand letter is verifies and sent to Nepal, and based on that, advertisements can be made after attaining prior approval from the Foreign Employment Department.

The draft will be finalized and sent to the Foreign Ministry for suggestion and recommendation in 10 days.

Several complaints have been lodged that the embassy is delaying the verification of the demand letter by giving trouble to the foreign employment professionals under various pretexts. The companies requiring foreign workers and facilitating agents had to visit the embassy themselves. Therefore, the amendments in questioning could provide major relief to foreign employment workers, manpower companies, business demanding workers and agents.

The same if approved, could reduce costs for all concerned stakeholders.