Urban Development Minister Stresses Sustainable Progress Through Urban Management

Mon, Jun 24, 2024 10:52 AM on Latest, National,

Minister for Urban Development, Dhan Bahadur Budha, emphasized that sustainable economic and social progress can be achieved through effective urban management. During his response to lawmakers' queries on the ministry's issues in the appropriation bill, Minister Budha highlighted the expansion of the urban development program to 132 municipalities, aiming to develop sustainable, inclusive, and aesthetically pleasing cities.

He noted that infrastructure development is ongoing in 27 locations for establishing new cities nationwide. However, he acknowledged the challenges in the success of integrated settlement development, attributing it to the emotional and livelihood concerns of the people. The ministry is considering relocating settlements at risk, but public sentiment has been a significant hurdle.

Minister Budha also mentioned that the budget has been allocated to establish strong coordination among federal, provincial, and local levels for the relocation of at-risk settlements and the necessary infrastructure setup. He reported that over 42,000 houses have been built under the People's Housing Programme, costing approximately Rs 18 billion. Additionally, under the Safe Citizen Housing Programme, 80,000 residential houses have received new corrugated zinc sheet roofs, at a cost of Rs 7 billion.