This TMS guide will help you invest efficiently; Also know the types of market orders

Thu, Sep 24, 2020 4:31 PM on Stock Market, Latest,

NEPSE and YCO have together unveiled the manual for users using the online trading system, the TMS. The manual is also helpful for those who are looking forward to creating their online trading account. 

NEPSE has recently facilitated the online account opening for those who want to create a trading account. This means that users can submit all their documents online and get their trading account opened.

All the brokers use the same TMS provided by NEPSE itself. They only differ from each other in the login URL. If, for example, you want to create a trading account in a particular broker company, you'll need to enter their specific URL on your browser and proceed to fill your details.

The necessary requirements are mentioned in the user manual itself.

Among other things, the manual also covers the types of orders that can be placed. For instance, if you are adamant about getting the stock in any way possible, you are better off putting an MKT order than an LMT order. Basically, an MKT order places your order at whatever the market price for that stock is. This is beneficial for someone who thinks he should get the stock before it becomes unreachable in price. Meanwhile, an LMT order is for someone who wants to bargain a few rupees and get the stock in the price he thinks is justifiable.

There are numerous other interesting types of market orders like the "All or none" order and the "Fill or kill" order described in the manual.

Furthermore, the manual goes in great depth to describe the system of paying and receiving funds, loading and utilizing the collateral, etc.

Find the complete user manual below:

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