Taragaon Regency Hotel to distribute 12.631% cash dividend from Sunday; Update your demat account and dematerialize your shares to get the dividend

Taragaon R...

Taragaon Regency Hotel Limited (TRH) is distributing 12.631% cash dividend from 22nd Ashadh 2076 to its shareholders.

The 22nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 24th Jestha, 2076 had approved the cash dividend worth 12.631% of its paid-up capital. The dividend is being distributed from the profit of FY 2074/75 and includes the tax on cash dividend.

The cash dividend will be distributed though IPS from Sanima Capital Limited, the share register company of TRH. Cash dividend will be deposited directly to the bank account of shareholders mentioned in the DEMAT account. Therefore, all the shareholders are urged to renew their DEMAT account. Shareholders are also requested to dematerialize their shares to get cash divided on their shares.

In addition, those who have taken loan by collateralizing the TRH share have to present release letter from respective BFIs at Sanima Capital Limited to be eligible for cash dividend.