Struggle Committee Writes Official Letter To SEBON; Urging To Stop Making Excuses And Address The Capital Market Issues Immediately

Thu, Jun 23, 2022 12:42 PM on Stock Market, Latest,

In a formal letter to Mr. Ramesh Kumar Hamal, Chairman of the Securities Exchange Board of Nepal (SEBON), Tilak Koirala, Convener/leader of the Capital Market Reforms Struggle Committee, made it clear that the committee should be formed right away without any justifications and that the board should offer solutions to the capital market problems as soon as possible.

Since Jestha 23, Koirala has been holding protests in support of the 19-point demand. On Jestha 30, the struggle committee presented their demands to all district administration offices. In reaction to the capital market issue, Koirala had decided to go on a hunger strike in the Securities Board, Khumaltar, Lalitpur starting from Ashad 1, 2079.

In his letter to the chairman of SEBON, Koirala has made it clear that the fast shall be broken only after the committee is formed and the choice of the securities board is within the jurisdiction of the coordinator of the struggle committee. Implying further that the names of seven people will be sent from the committee after receiving the second letter. Also, the first letter from SEBON was addressed to the struggle committee requesting them to break the fast.

"Given the current sensitivity, complexity, and deteriorating condition of the capital market and my fasting health condition," Tilak Koirala adds, "I would like to mention that I am eager to strengthen the morale of the general investors by breaking the fast unto death by forming a committee, meeting, preparing, and signing a blueprint today, 9 Ashad, 2079."

List of 19-points demands.