Srijana Finance ongoing 60% right issue closing date extended by 15 days; issues closes on Mangsir 6

Srijana Fi...

Srijana Finance Limited (SFFIL) has extended its ongoing 60% right issue closing date by 15 days. The issue had opened from Ashwin 17, 2076 and the initial closing date of set on today (Kartik 21, 2076). Now the new closing date is on Mangsir 6, 2076.

Sunrise Capital has been appointed as the issue manager. The finance company is issuing 2,764,692 units of shares as 60% rights for the existing shareholders of the company at par value of Rs.100 to raise a capital worth Rs.27.64 Crore.

The current paid-up capital of SFFIL is Rs 46 crore 7 lakh 82 thousand, which after the adjustment of right will reach Rs 73 crore 72 lakh 51 thousand 200.

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