Soaltee Hotel Limited (SHL) Proposes 31.58% Dividend for FY 2079/80; Calls AGM on Poush 26

Soaltee Hotel Limited (SHL) has proposed a 31.58% dividend for FY 2079/80. The company has also called its 49th AGM on Poush 26, 2080.

The meeting of the board of directors held on Mangsir 01, 2080 has decided to distribute a 31.58% dividend for FY 2079/80. 26.57894737% cash dividend and 5% bonus shares are proposed from the paid-up capital. The paid-up capital of the company stands at Rs. 88.47 Crores. Thus, bonus shares are worth Rs. 44,235,753 and cash dividend is worth Rs 235,147,950. The cash dividend includes the tax amount for the bonus shares.

The book closure for the proposed dividend and AGM is on 5th Poush, 2080. Therefore, the shareholders maintained before that day are entitled to dividend payout and can attend the AGM.