Shivam Cement declares mega lucky draw winners in its Shivam Sanga Upahar Tanna campaign; 30 customers win 47 tola gold in total

Fri, Mar 17, 2023 10:41 AM on Latest, Corporate,

Shivam Cement has declared the winners for the Mega lucky draw in its Shivam Sanga Upahar Tanna scheme on Chaitra 2, 2079.


The cement manufacturer has declared the names of 30 lucky consumers and 40 lucky sellers where two lucky winners have won 5 tola gold each, four lucky winners won 3 tola gold each, six won two tola gold each, eight won one tola gold each and ten won half tola gold each. The scheme was in place from Mangsir 18, 2079, as per the media statement.