Sarbottam Cement Limited To Conduct Road Show To Float IPO Under Book Building Method

Thu, Jun 16, 2022 2:37 PM on Latest, IPO/FPO Result News,

Information regarding the roadshow for the institutions approved by the Securities Exchange Board of Nepal (SEBON) to act as Qualified Institutional Investors (QIB) for the public issue of securities under the Book building method.

Sarbottam Cement Limited (SCML) is going to issue 60 lakh shares through book building method with the participation of QIB on the initial statement as per section 7(1) of the book-building directive, 2077.

A discussion program will be conducted on the following date, time, and place for the purpose of obtaining the minimum number of securities that the investors want to purchase if suggested in the initial statement including the intended price and method of valuation.

Date, time, and place of the discussion program:

Date: 19 Ashad, 2079

Time: 3:15 p.m

Place: Radisson Hotel, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

All the related documents and details to be made available regarding the program are available on the official website of Sarbottam Cement Limited, the Issue manager – Global IME Capital Limited official website, and the co-issue Manager – NIBL Ace Capital and Prabhu Capital website.