Sanima Mai Hydropower reports 25% growth in net profit till Q2; Annualized EPS at Rs 24.81

Wed, Feb 12, 2020 11:16 AM on Financial Analysis, Latest, Stock Market,

Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited (SHPC) has posted a rise in its net profit by 25.36 percent in the second quarter of the FY 2076/77.

According to the unaudited financial report published today, its net profit after income tax has increased to Rs 28.79 crore in the second quarter of fiscal year 2076/77 from Rs 22.96 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year 2075/76.

It has made a regular income from power sales of Rs 52.76 crore by the end of the second quarter increased from Rs 47.47 crore in the corresponding quarter last year.

Its retained earnings amount to Rs 82.37 crore till the second quarter. Its current paid-up capital stands at Rs 2.32 arba.

The hydropower company has Rs 24.25 crore investments in associates companies and Rs 90 crore as an advance for investment i.e. Swet Ganga Hydropower, Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower, Mathillo Mailun Khola Jalvidhyut Hydropower and Bavari Construction P Limited.

Its annualized EPS stands at Rs 24.81 and net worth per share is at Rs 135.5.

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