Sanima Bank now at Sanepa and Harisiddhi of Lalitpur; expands services with 108 branches so far

Sun, Oct 3, 2021 10:10 AM on Latest, Corporate,

Sanima Bank has inaugurated Sanepa and Harisiddhi office on 1st October, 2021. Sanima Bank’s Sanepa office was jointly inaugurated by Chairman of Lalitpur Metropolitan ward no 2. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Maharjan and Chief Executive Officer of Sanima Bank, Mr. Bhuvan Dahal. Mr. Maharjan expressed his good wishes for the opening of new office of Sanima Bank and emphasized on providing quality banking services to local populations of Sanepa.

Whereas Harisiddhi office was inaugurated by Mr. Nischal Raj Pandey, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Sanima Bank amidst a ceremony following safety protocols against COVID 19 infection.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bhuvan Dahal expressed their gratitude to customers and stakeholders for continuous support and patronage and express commitment to provide a quality service.

Sanima Bank is providing banking services from 108 office and 97 ATM networks in all 7 provinces.