Samaj Laghubitta and Swastik Laghubitta sign merger agreement; Samaj Laghubitta recently issued IPO to general public

Tue, Sep 22, 2020 4:12 PM on Latest, Corporate, Merger/Acquistion,

Samaj Laghubitta (SAMAJ) and Swastik Laghubitta (SWSLBSL) have signed an agreement of merger with each other yesterday, i.e. Ashwin 05.

Samaj Laghubbita had recently issued IPO to the general public at the same time when Reliance Life Insurance and Liberty Energy Company had issued their respective IPO. While the latter two companies' shares are already traded in NEPSE, Samaj Laghubitta's shares aren't listed yet.

Meanwhile, Swastik Laghubitta has reported net losses in the last three quarters.