Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) Blacklists 33 Construction Companies for Project Delays

Tue, Apr 23, 2024 12:06 PM on Latest, National,

The Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) has taken decisive action against 33 construction companies, including prominent entities such as Pappu Construction Pvt Ltd, for their failure to adhere to project completion timelines. The PPMO issued a formal notice on Tuesday, publicly announcing the blacklisting of these companies.

As per the notice, the blacklisted construction firms face a period of disqualification spanning two and a half years from the date of the notice's publication. This action renders them ineligible to participate in any public contracts during this period. Consequently, these companies stand excluded from involvement in 29 projects spanning diverse sectors, encompassing energy, road construction, infrastructure development, urban planning, as well as municipal and metropolitan initiatives. Notably, these projects include endeavors related to roads, buildings, and bridges.

Among the companies facing blacklisting are prominent names such as Pappu Construction, Prem Nirman Sewa, Saptakoshi Jaladhar Nirman Company, Om Sai & Company, Universal Construction & Water Treatment, Koshi & Neupane Nirman Sewa, Om Sai Construction, A1 Khaptad Construction & Order Suppliers, Chandi Nirman Sewa, Siddhibaba Construction Company, and Namuna Construction.

Additionally, the list extends to include Mahesh Engineering Builders, Naveen Construction, Aman Construction, Bhavya Construction, Sahni Builders, Mama Bhanja Nirman Sewa, Karmabhoomi Construction, Susman Construction & Suppliers, Roshi Construction, Argha Bhagwati Construction, Paurai Baba Construction, Muskan Construction, GS & SS Construction, Umang Traders, Pashupati Construction, Karchen Construction, Sneha Nirman Sewa, and Khadka Devi Construction, all of whom face similar repercussions.