Personal stories during Covid-19 lockdown; Right time for finding your passion

Mon, May 18, 2020 7:37 AM on Exclusive,
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Improvise, adapt, overcome; that’s how life goes on. You don’t know what’s coming next, how to deal with any situation cause life isn’t fair and see how strong you’ve become. Since we all have been on a long break, why not we stay productive and try to find our passion, what we all want from life.

Coming from a business oriented family, i have always been taught the value of money and importance of taking risks. Growing up watching sharemarket always made me curious about the term NEPSE and as i get more interested in it during my mid-teen, standing in line for hours to collect and submit the form was not a joke haha. i thought why take it as a sidekick while i can make it my mainstream. With my burning desired to gain more info i started to search everywhere and found Benjamin franklin and warren buffet’s realistic principles on value investing. I read news, articles, reports, went to Annual General Meeting and even joined CA to know more about the field of finance and taxation. Recently i’m more focused on trading rather than passive investing since the direction of NEPSE was going that way. That’s my journey in sharemarket has been so far.

Considering the current situation, we all must be getting bored staying at the same place. This is the right moment where we should start thinking what you really want from life, your true passion. Just look back 5 years from today, what you did, how you behaved, Whom you hang out with, which subjects you were really interested in, your compromises and choices is a reflection of what you are today. Think of what you envision yourself at the end of 10 years from today. 20’s is the most difficult and important phase of one’s life so think and decide what you dreamt of considering your current efforts.

Sanjan Shrestha, a share investor and CA student


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