Personal stories during Covid-19 lockdown; Face Everything and Rise, proves young BBA scholar from Pokhara

Fri, May 22, 2020 6:56 AM on Exclusive,

''Life battle don't always go

To the stronger or faster man,

But soon or late the man who wins


 -Think and Grow rich

The corona virus has badly impacted the social and financial economy in Nepal. The lockdown has also been increased due to rising in the corona virus cases. Till date, there are 357 cases identified in Nepal. As we know, every crisis has pros and cons. One of the major psychological impact during pandemic disease is fear.

The fear can be described in two ways. First one is forget everything and run.  The second is face everything and rise. Keeping this in mind, I prefer the second option because self-quarantine enhanced my skills and knowledge. I completed a three months course from Goela School of Finance. It focuses on irresistible stock market architecture which helps to improve my analytical skills on market.  Similarly, I completed "how to learn tough things" from McMaster University Canada. In addition, I read books such as 'Think and Grow rich', 'The Intelligent Investor' etc.

The coronavirus has also negatively affected my thoughts and emotions, which is because of lockdown. To manage my personal distress, I am following some meditation exercises. I have become used to practicing yoga exercises for 30 minutes every day. It reduces emotional difficulties brought about by Coronavirus.

Some days, I join Nepal Young Entrepreneur Forum Impact Series which helps me to learn new things such as what are disadvantages and advantages of coronavirus, how to overcome negative obstacles.

In conclusion, I believe that the following messages will be fruitful to those, who are searching how to manage time during lockdown.

  1. We all have genius which is sleeping within our brain, we just need to awaken it.
  2. Temporary defeat isn’t permanent failure. For example, Thomas Alva Edison faced 10,000 temporary defeats while making the light bulb.
  3. When we read books and do exercise, the dead neuron that we have in our mind regenerate.
  4. Smart people do not just learn from their mistakes but also learn from other’s mistakes.
  5. People always procrastinate their work and the solution is pomodoro technique. (25 minutes focus, no interruption and reward)
  6. A great investor has knowledge of all types of analysis (i.e. Fundamental, Technical and Behavioral finance)
  7. Start investing from a young age so even if you face losses, it’ll be of small amount but the learning and experience will be priceless.

I would like to recommend the following tips that can be followed during this lockdown.

  1. Meditation at least 15 minutes a day. The best is Mission genius mind YouTube channel.
  2. Do online courses of Nobel prize winner like Robert Shiller (Financial market Yale University on Course is in free)
  3.  If you are interested in reading books then download the GIGL app for the book's summary.
  4. Explore yourself and turn your weaknesses into strength but also enhance your strong points.
  5. Watch movies and documentaries of financial markets such as 'The Big Short', 'Gafla', 'Bazar'', 'Margin call', and so on.
  6.  Find the right mentor who has the same vision as you.


Atit Gurung (BBA 7th Semester)

LA Grandee International College

(Pokhara Investment company)


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