Pashupati Renewables Limited Calls AGM With Agenda To Issue IPO To General Public

Wed, Feb 28, 2024 11:32 AM on Latest, IPO/FPO News, AGM/Special AGM,

Pashupati Renewables Limited has called its 1st AGM on 7th Chaitra, 2080. The meeting will be held in the Lisara Reception, Naxal, Kathmandu, starting at 2:30 PM.

These are the agendas of the AGM:

1) Endorsement of the annual report of the company.
2) Endorse the auditor's report for 2078/79 and 2079/80 with PNL statements, financial reports, and cash flow reports.
3) Appointment of the auditor and determination of their remuneration for the fiscal year 2080/81.
4) To conduct the election of the directors.
5) To modify the company regulations by augmenting the authorized and issued capital of the company.
6) To secure the financing for the projects planned by the company.
7) To issue ordinary shares (IPO) to the general public.
8) Miscellaneous.

Pashupati Renewables Ltd. is a platform focused on developing hydro and solar power projects in Nepal with an emphasis on organized, organic, and sustainable development. The developer group comprises internationally trained and experienced professionals in engineering, economics, business, and management. They have a track record of contributing to hydro projects in various regions. It is committed to transparent, clean, and ethical business practices, promoting projects in Nepal such as small and medium hydropower, pre-fab concrete, and grid solar. The leadership team, with decades of experience, guides a younger generation of energy enthusiasts, creating a harmonious blend of youthful energy and seasoned expertise. It provides services ranging from project development to operation and maintenance of power plants, project finance, ESG compliance assistance, and advising mega projects.

AGM Notice: